A Sample of Baby Thesis Essay on Nursing Profession

In contrast to popular belief, nursing is not merely a collection of related talents but rather it is an independent profession in its own right. The field of nursing is an excellent example of how modern technology and historical values may harmoniously coexist in the realm of health care. Serving one’s fellow human beings in this way is the highest calling one can have. Its primary goal is to help each patient improve or restore his or her health and well-being.

Though both men and women work in the nursing profession, most people have always believed that it is the female nurse that typically goes above and beyond for her patients, doing whatever it takes to make sure they are completely comfortable and happy in their own homes. She demonstrates maternal warmth and sibling affection in equal measure. She treats her patients with warmth and gentleness, never raises her voice, and seems genuinely concerned about their well-being. She works tirelessly to meet the needs of her clients, yet she is rarely thanked for her efforts.

A nurse acts as a liaison between the doctor and patient, carrying out the latter’s specific orders for each patient. She takes their temperatures, monitors their pulses, and administers any prescribed drugs or injections. Regularly, nurses will double-check the doctor’s orders to ensure that the patients’ health is not being neglected. She ensures that each patient receives food that is appropriate for their dietary restrictions and medical condition. She is very reliable and hard-working; she always gives her patients their medication on schedule and may have to stay up all night to tend to their needs.

Nurses always requests the patient record before treating them so as to make absolutely sure they are treating the proper patient, they watch the patient continually for any indicators that may prove the anomalies in the patient’s health and promptly reports to the doctor. Patients put their faith in nurses because they know they can always count on them to look out for them and do whatever it takes to make sure they get the care they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Nurses are also highly utilized in battles as they supply the first help to the wounded warriors.

A former nurse allegedly switched newborns around for her own amusement right after they were born, proving that not all medical professionals can be trusted. She continued this approach throughout her nursing career, confiding in a colleague who was still active in the field before retiring and, since this colleague was trustworthy and forthright in her work, exposing her to the public.

A nurse’s dedication to their profession is unwavering. Nurses play a crucial part in making the facility welcoming for patients thanks to their education and duties. Despite all of the progress made in nursing this year, nurses are still paid less than doctors and have less respect from the public. Nursing Pro Writers offers essay writing guidelines for students across the globe.

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