Condition Paper Guidelines

Condition Paper Guidelines

You must use the following approved articles as resources for your paper:

Specific Guidelines:  Write a 4-page condition paper (not including title page and reference page) about Pneumonia disease in children.

Your paper should include the following sections:

Introduction: Briefly introduce your topic and the scope of the paper you are writing.

Overview of condition topic and identification of patient population affected: Briefly describe the condition that you have chosen. Identify the patient population who will likely be affected including risk factors involved and special nursing considerations.

Potential Patient: Describe a potential patient you might encounter when dealing with this topic. This is an opportunity to develop a “mini-case study” that highlights some of the important factors related to this condition. The next two sections will relate directly back to this potential patient.

Nursing Diagnoses & Interventions: Choose 2 priority nursing diagnoses for the potential patient you described in the previous section. Each diagnosis much be in correct NANDA format. Include both “related to” and “as evidenced by” in your diagnoses. For each diagnosis, identify 3 nursing interventions. Interventions should be listed immediately under each diagnosis. Bullet points are an acceptable way to format this section.

Teaching Plan: Create a one or two paragraph mini teaching plan for the potential patient you described earlier. Your teaching plan should relate to at least one of the nursing diagnoses that you identified.

Conclusion: Briefly summarize the paper by reinforcing important concepts and key points. No new information should be introduced in the conclusion.

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