Do You Have to Write Papers in Nursing School?

Nursing essays

Writing a nursing essay or a research report for school is one of those tasks that students either enjoy or despise.

In contrast to group projects and other activities, writing papers in nursing school can be enjoyable (or even desired) by some nursing students.

The question is, though, would you be required to write a significant number of papers in nursing school? You’ll have to write a certain number of papers if so. If you’re thinking about going to nursing school, these are all excellent things to ask yourself.

Writing Papers in Nursing School

Nursing students are expected to submit a few papers before they are allowed to graduate. Fortunately, you won’t have to write a lot of papers. Even if you don’t have to write many papers, it’s almost certain that you will.

When it comes to writing assignments, it’s important to remember that the length of your program (for example, a 4-year degree vs. a 2-year degree), the curriculum your nursing school utilizes, and your specific teacher’s tastes will all play a role.

The number of articles you write can be difficult to estimate with any degree of accuracy because of all of these variables.

How Many Papers Will Your Write with a 4 Year BSN Degree?

A typical four-year bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) curriculum is separated into two parts: general education and clinical training. Subjects including philosophy, English, and Math will be taught in the general education classes a nursing student’s rucksack, essays, and research papers are all common terms associated with nursing school. Classes in the nursing program will be tailored to meet the needs of aspiring nurses (such as Microbiology).

I had to take two English courses as part of my general education requirements in college (Critical Reading and Writing, and Argumentation and Debate). It’s a requirement for the semester to write these papers. In addition, I had to take a literature course that required some writing on my part as well. It wasn’t uncommon for me to write a paper for classes like sociology and a few others, but these were few and far between.

The quantity of papers I had to write decreased significantly once I entered the nursing program. However, I can remember drafting a few papers. One of the papers was due for a nursing community class. There were also a few group assignments in which we had to prepare a paper or give a presentation collectively.

Writing Papers in an ADN (2 Year) Degree Program

In the majority of ADN programs, you’ll only have to write a few papers because you’ll be enrolled in nursing classes.

A research article or essay on a topic related to health care may still be expected of you from time to time, as will group projects and other assignments. However, this will not be the standard for the majority of your subjects, and writing an occasional paper is not all that bad.

The great news about writing essays in nursing school is that most teachers are not “experts” in the English language because they are specialized in science or health. According to my own experience with teachers in the nursing program, they were far more laid-back and lenient in their evaluations of students’ work.

Those of you who find it difficult to put pen to paper can rejoice (or for those nursing students who may not speak English as their first language).

Writing Papers in a Master’s Program

My companion is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing Education. Recently, she made a joke about how many papers she will have to do this semester. While most Master’s degree programs do demand that students submit an extensive research paper at the end of their studies, this is not always the case. When considering the possibility of earning a Master’s degree in Nursing, keep in mind that you’ll be writing a lot more papers.

Thinking about going to Nursing School?

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