How To Write a Dissertation Conclusion

Your dissertation’s conclusion must make explicit claims regarding the thesis topic you choose and your contributions to the related field of study. Most of the time, readers quickly skim the Dissertation Conclusion to acquire the main points of your research. Therefore, it’s crucial that you finish your dissertation by making a lasting impact on your readers. The following are the main considerations when writing the dissertation conclusion:

The research purpose that was outlined in your first chapter, Introduction, should be stated at the outset.
Respond to the research questions you have listed in your first chapter, “Introduction,” which you have placed.
The Problem Statement from your First Chapter: Introduction deserves a clear resolution.
Meet the research gaps that your second chapter’s literature review outlined.
Give two sentences of justification for choosing your third chapter, “Research Methodology.”
Describe how your Fourth Chapter, “Research Findings,” justifies itself.
Add the key ideas listed in Chapter Five: Discussion very precisely.
Based on the research findings, fulfill the research objectives and goals.
In this final chapter for the dissertation conclusion, make sure there aren’t any elaborate debates or repeats. Maintain a strong connection to your research topic and thesis while focusing on how to write a dissertation conclusion.

Create a focused dissertation conclusion.
The goal of the research should always be stated in the dissertation conclusion. All the other processes for creating the dissertation conclusion become connected in this context:
Every aspect of the research purpose must be supported. You must keep your emphasis on ending your research in the dissertation conclusion by demonstrating that your research purpose merits serious consideration. The conclusion of your dissertation must inspire the reader. The motivation should be such that subsequent study becomes increasingly focused on realizing your research purpose from various angles.

You must present an overview of your research methodology that is organized logically. At the same time, emphasize the important contribution you have made to achieving the research purpose. The Dissertation Conclusion should be original and the outcome of extensive research. List all the new information you have learned from your investigation, along with the value that it has added.
Conclusion of Dissertation Length
A dissertation’s conclusion may make up 5% to 10% of the entire document. Generally speaking, it should be a summary that is written in a few pages. Any type of applied or empirical research aims to provide a more succinct conclusion than a theoretical or methodically produced review. It is critical to provide recommendations and future research in the dissertation conclusion. The recommendations must be written in a way that includes potential directions for future research. This may fill up half a page.

Always adhere to the dissertation conclusion writing instructions provided by the university. There is a version that occasionally pairs the Discussion Chapter and the Conclusion. In these circumstances, only 5% of the overall word count is taken up by the dissertation conclusion. Read more here.

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