Nursing Degree: Is a Nursing Career Worth it?

We all look for work that we enjoy doing rather than one that feels like a job. The road to selecting that profession, choosing on a major for college, discovering what you desire and, more significantly, what you would be good at, can, however, feel difficult.
You have probably thought about pursuing a nursing career if you want to live a professional life that is centered on serving others. But merely having an interest in anything does not promise that you will be successful in it, that you will enjoy working that profession for the rest of your life, or that you will live a comfortable existence.

Is a nursing career right for me?
Making a pros and disadvantages list is one of the quickest and simplest decision-making techniques you may use when debating a choice. When deciding between two options, such as pursuing a profession in nursing career or not, it is a simple yet effective way to understand the wider picture, lessen uncertainty, and be less subjective. Both Darwin and Benjamin Franklin did it before us. They did fairly good with it.
We’ll make it even simpler for you by giving you a pre-made list of the advantages and disadvantages of nursing career. Consider the following factors before deciding to become a nurse, focusing on all a profession has to offer while keeping an eye out for potential drawbacks of being a nurse.

The Benefits of Nursing Career
The purpose of the following justifications is to persuade you that choosing a nursing career is the best course of action. You will benefit from being aware of the possibilities and benefits available to you if you choose to pursue this career.

Assisting others
The chance to assist others is one of the initial benefits and is actually what motivates people to pursue a career in nursing. As a nurse, you will contribute to society by offering patients direct medical care or by educating people about important issues like immunization, diseases, mental health, and more.

Good job outlook and higher demand
As a nurse, you don’t need to be concerned about getting employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that employment of registered nurses will increase by 9% between 2020 and 2030, which is a positive development. During this decade, there will be about 194,500 employment opportunities due to the high demand for nurses, which is expected to last for some time.

Higher earning rates
You may safely anticipate that the financial compensation offered will be satisfactory if a position is in high demand. According to recent data, you can make about $70,335 a year as a registered nurse in the United States. If you want to specialize, your pay could increase significantly.

Flexible work schedule
As a nurse, you can have a lot of scheduling flexibility, though this primarily relies on the company. Frequently, nurses have the option of a regular full-time program, a part-time schedule, or on-call assignments. You can agree on a specific schedule that works for both you and your company based on your other obligations.

The Drawbacks of Nursing

Now we turn to the opposing viewpoint and examine arguments against a nursing career. It is equally important that you realize the drawbacks of nursing career and understand what you are putting yourself into, from potential emotional fatigue to responsibilities dealing with some unpleasant situations.

Observing loss
Nothing can adequately prepare you to witness another person lose their battle or an illness.

Possibility of a 12 hour shift
The flexibility of the nursing schedule was previously highlighted. That isn’t always the case, though. You might occasionally be needed to put in greater work hours than the usual employee in particular work environments. As a nurse, you may be expected to perform 12-hour shifts or even longer if there is a lot of reporting to be done before changing shifts.

A few people underappreciate you
Throughout your nursing profession, there are many situations in which you could feel undervalued, whether you’re providing excellent care to your patients but not receiving a simple “thank you” for it or receiving no support from your team.

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The final say on whether you want to become a nurse or not should belong to you and you alone. The list of advantages and disadvantages that we have supplied should make your choice easier. Naturally, the items we mentioned are based on popular opinion. You may view some employment benefits as disadvantages or vice versa depending on your tastes, personality, and goals. Feel free to add your supporting and opposing points to the list.

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