Nursing Profession Essay

nursing essay

Nursing is a profession, not just a collection of specialized talents. Nursing is a great blend of today’s healthcare sector with the traditions of the past. It is a noble vocation that provides humanity with the greatest benefit. It is centered on providing treatment to each individual patient in order to help them maintain and improve their health and quality of life. It has been stated clearly:

“Nursing is the noblest of all professions since it is founded on maternal concern and sisterly compassion.”

Nurses are both men and women, but when a woman becomes a nurse, she behaves selflessly and attempts to offer them complete satisfaction and the comfort of their own homes. She has the compassion of a mother and the love of a sister. She is usually smiling, is always nice and caring to her patients, speaks softly to them, and is concerned about their health. She works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve and care for the patients’ needs, but she does not receive the recognition she deserves for her efforts.

Nursing Profession Essay
Nursing Profession Essay

A nurse serves as a link between the doctor and the patient, following the doctor’s orders for each patient. She takes their temperatures, checks their pulses, and administers any medications or injections prescribed by the doctor. Nurses constantly check for doctors’ directions in case she fails to follow them which endangers the patients’ health. She ensures that food is delivered to each individual patient in accordance with the doctor’s instructions or the health of the patient. She is exceedingly punctual and active; she delivers medications to patients at predetermined times and may have to stay awake all night to care for her patients.

Nurses usually ask patients for information before treating them to ensure that they are treating the correct patient. They also constantly monitor the patient for any indicators that indicate anomalies in the patient’s condition and report them to the doctor. The nurse constantly protects the safety of the patient in every situation, which increases the patients’ trust because they believe it is the nurse’s obligation to ensure their health and quality of life. Nurses play an important role in battles because they provide first aid to wounded soldiers.


Not all nurses are honest in their work; for example, there was once a woman who used to switch newborns with each other shortly after birth for her own selfish pleasure. She did this for the rest of her nursing career until she retired and told one of her colleague nurses who was still working about her crime; because the other nurse was honest and truthful about her profession, she subsequently exposed her to the rest of the world.

Nursing is a career that requires a strong dedication from nurses. Nurses, with their nursing skills and responsibilities, play a critical role in creating the organization a welcoming environment for patients. Despite the fact that the nursing profession has improved significantly over the past year, nurses are still not as well-recognized as doctors, and they continue to labor for low pay.

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