Patient Education/Telehealth

You are the nurse discharging Mr. Martin after Heart Failure exacerbation.  Brief answers.

  • How can you best determine his education needs?
  • How can you best determine if he understands what you are telling him?
  • What age related concerns might affect Mr. Martin’s comprehension?
  • Are age related factors important to all patients? Why?
  • What about Cultural considerations?
  • Should Mr. Martin have family present?  Which patients do you feel should have family present at discharge and why?
  • Would Telehealth help Mr. Martin and patients’ similar to Mr. Martin once they are home?  Discuss?
  • Discuss the role of Telehealth in general for nursing?

Assignment Outcomes

Assess the development of a nursing philosophy and ethical practices as a professional nurse.

Explain the importance of ethics and law in nursing practice

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