PowerPoint Assignment

The purpose of this PowerPoint assignment is to promote evidence needed for health policy, finance and regulatory environments. The assignment provides the opportunity to develop a PowerPoint that outlines the importance of health policy, finance and regulatory environments and areas that are impacted.

Course Outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:
3) Relate healthcare issues regarding the development and reevaluation process pertaining to
healthcare policy, finance and regulatory environments. (PO 1, 4)
4) Examine ethical, legal and regulatory perspectives in the analysis of the professional practice
environment and organizational culture. (PO 4)
5) Apply healthcare economics to the strategic planning process with consideration of current
financial, legal and political influences. (PO 4)
8) Explore professional nursing roles, communication techniques, and ethical decision-making
models applicable to health care and clinical nursing leadership within complex health care
systems. (PO 2, 4, 5)

Assignment Total Points
This PowerPoint assignment is worth a total of 270 points.

In this assignment, the student will select one element of healthcare policy, finance or regulatory process that is of interest to you and develop a PowerPoint presentation. The student will provide a PowerPoint presentation that includes an introduction and current evidence from the literature on one of the topics. A minimum of four current articles for required for support.
Guidelines for Content
1. Create a PowerPoint presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

2. Select from one of the topics listed below:
a. Healthcare and Meaningful Use
b. Certificate of Need (CON) legislation
c. Healthcare Trends impacting Policies in Healthcare
d. Accessing “Big Data” in Healthcare and Finance
e. Healthcare Compliance and Regulatory Environment
f. Healthcare Policy Decision Making and Nursing

3. Find four (4) current articles for supporting evidence of the selected topic.

4. Develop the following slides for your PowerPoint presentation.
a. Introduction (2 slides)
i. Describe the purpose of the presentation.
ii. Include the nurse’s role and responsibilities in the importance of health policy, finance and regulatory environments.

b. Supporting Evidence (2 slides per article)
i. Must use at least 4 current articles for supporting evidence.
ii. Prepare two (2) slides for each of the articles supporting your topic.
iii. Total number of slides for supporting evidence is a minimum of eight (8) slides.

c. Conclusion (1 or 2 slides)
i. Must summarize and not introduce new information.

5. Reference Slide (1 or 2 slides)
a. Must use at least 4 current articles for supporting evidence.
b. Must place in-text citations on slides.

6. Adhere to APA format

Format for PowerPoint
1. Text Guidelines
• Adhere to 6 x 6 Rule
o No more than 6 words per line.
o No more than 6 lines per slide.
• Times New Roman or Verdana.
• Font point size between 14 and 24, preferably.
• If using graphics or picture, limit one per slide (Graphics or pictures not needed for this presentation.)

2. What to Avoid on a Slide?
• Avoid long sentences.
• Avoid fancy, script type fonts because they are hard to read.
• Avoid abbreviations and acronyms.
• Do not use all capital letters because the word is difficult to read.

3. Must have a minimum of 12 slides.

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