Week 10 Discussion

Budgeting for Nursing Processes

In this assignment, you will learn how to budget for nursing processes.

As the chief nursing executive, you have just completed your budgeting for nursing processes for the next year. Three of your nursing leaders have asked to meet with you as representatives of the nursing management staff, including directors, managers, and supervisors. They say, “While we understand the present healthcare environment and realize the need to put fiscal needs ahead of pure clinical patient need, we feel an ethical conflict. We went into nursing with the intent of providing for patient needs. We became leaders to ensure this was the motivation behind all decisions.”

On the basis of the above scenario, answer the following questions in APA format:

  • Which management staff members would you want them to meet to help with this conflict? Why?
  • You are preparing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for the nursing staff. What topics and questions would your presentation include? Why?
  • How would you help the nursing staff resolve this conflict?

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