Week 4 Reflection Post Prompt 

Reflect and give at least two (2) examples on how you think you have met the program student learning outcome in an APA format:

Formulate a plan for ongoing contributions to improvement of healthcare delivery and development of health policy in a cost-effective manner. 


Analyze your results and data.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Before you can start improving health care, you must first identify improvement opportunities and then create baseline outcomes. Next, examine trends and statistics from electronic health records, outcomes studies, and other data sources to identify critical areas that require attention.

Determine your objectives. 
Set concrete and measurable goals in the areas you see as most in need of development based on the results of the above exercise. These should be precise and numerical.

Safe: Protect patients from harm caused by the care that is supposed to help them. 
Effective: Care should be matched to science, with an emphasis on avoiding overuse of ineffective care and underuse of effective care. 
Patient-Centered Care: Value the individual and respect their freedom of choice. 
Reduce the amount of time patients and caregivers have to wait. 
Reduce waste to be more efficient. 
Close racial and ethnic disparities in health status.

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