Nursing Budgeting Process

In this assignment, you will discuss in APA format what the present nursing budgeting process is and how it might be improved.

You are the chief nursing executive in a healthcare facility and have been asked to provide a written report to your senior leadership on the nursing budgeting process. In your report, you need to examine how the present nursing budgeting process in your organization or an organization you are familiar with (e.g., a hospital, a health clinic, a nursing home, or an outpatient center) can be revised and changed to meet the present needs for improved patient communication, improved patient outcomes, and decreased patient safety events. As you begin to work on your report, you become concerned with staffing needs and increased cost of evidence-based nursing care among other issues. Describe the areas that you would like to revise in the nursing budgeting process. Also, provide a rationale for why you would like these revisions to be made.

Note: You can use your present hospital, healthcare delivery system, or agency budget process in your discussions.

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