Your Role Model

A role model is someone who behaves in a way that inspires you to imitate the behavior. Perhaps someone’s way of giving feedback is so sensitive that you are inspired to adopt the method as your own. For instance, someone’s business attire seems perfectly suited to the occasion and exudes an attractive or powerful statement, and you wish to dress in a similar manner.

Who is your role model at work? What exactly does the person do to inspire you to the point of emulation? Think of the person’s behavior and manner of communication. What does the person say, do, or think that you wish to emulate? Is the organization a better place because of the presence of that person? Why? What particular value in the person’s behavior inspires you? If you behaved similarly, would your career be enhanced? How?

Justify your answers with examples and reasoning. Comment on the postings and views of at least two classmates, providing your opinion on their choice and justification of the role model.

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